Yamaha "Blue Santa" 2016


"Blue Santa" 2016


After the success of our Yamaha "Blue Santa" 2015 project, communications chief Sean Goldhawk was keen to work with us on a follow-up for Christmas 2016.

Yamaha provided bikes, quads and riders, while LCB organised art department, child actors and a leaf blower to fake wind on command. The key challenge again was performance (with a new non-actor Santa, a stunt road bike rider Dave McKenna on an outdoor dirt track, and lots of young child extras) – but director Reuben Field knew how to get the best out of his cast for another fun TVC. Using green screen we created an awesome final shot in homage to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial with our elves and Santa riding across the moon.

Santa and bLU cRU.jpg
Max and Aden child actors.jpg
Dave McKenna Stunt Rider.jpg