Yamaha R3

Yamaha Motor Australia



Expectations were low for this last-minute promo video tacked onto a much larger event for journalists. Nonetheless, this was LCB's first project for Yamaha and we wanted to blow the client away.

Our goal was to capture the exhilaration of riding the new R3. It needed to feel like 110Km/h (at least!), but filming at such speeds is extremely dangerous and almost physically impossible (our camera van could not reach such speeds on the winding track). So we used a classic Hollywood trick to create the illusion of speed: film slowly, then speed it up. This is difficult to do well due to shutter speed and the posture of the rider, but nonetheless we managed to pull it off, filming at no more than 40Km/h but creating an intense illusion of speed. 

“This video really does justice to the bike. Everyone loves it, especially the dealerships. Thanks guys.”
— Sean Goldhawk, Communications Manager