Mental Health Co-ordinating Council


The Mental Health Co-ordinating Council needed an explainer video to help promote their e-learning platform, Capacit-e. 

Targeted at organisations ranging from large bureaucracies to small community groups, the video needed to be many things at once: professional yet approachable, simple yet smart, cartoonish yet corporate. Distilled from a multi-page document, our short script managed to do all of this and more. We boiled the program down to its essence, not only explaining it but also including testimonials and excerpts from Capacit-e's powerful video interviews (also created by LCB) – all in just one minute.

“Reuben is great to work with: friendly, accommodating and highly professional. He works hard to make the most of our budgets, and the way he can edit hours of interviews into a few short minutes is amazing! Highly recommended.”
— Kat Fardian, Learning Development Officer