A Bridge to a Lower Carbon Future

Licella, owner of Dr Len Humphreys' and Professor Thomas Maschmeyer's revolutionary Cat-HTR™ platform, had signed off on two joint ventures enabling them to fund their first commercial biomass plant. It was time to make a video to showcase their incredible technology for more businesses to see the possibilities.

This was a multi-faceted video: LCB needed to understand the technology, and also create a global impression, but with shoot access only to Sydney locations. 

We took many lessons in the science, then worked with simple graphics, text and stock footage as well as a live action drone shoot and interviews to create this impressive showcase of an amazing Australian scientific development.

“The process was easy from start to finish, LCB met all my overly demanding requests (with a smile!) and the end result was a polished, professional, creative video with serious ‘wow’ factor. The video has impressed our team and business partners - and I have already confidently recommended him to other companies.”
— Andrea Polson, Marketing and Communications Manager