Australian Dental Association

Australian Dental Association

Same policy. Same treatment. Same rebate.

The Australian Dental Association had a complicated message that they needed to convey in a short space of time. In order to incorporate all of the required elements, LCB crafted a careful script to be both attention-grabbing, and to cover all of the issues involved. We then created an appealing, scrapbook-style aesthetic based on the client's video references, and worked with multiple voice actors and sound effects to bring the piece to life.

The ADA loved this effective animation that helped bring their campaign to life across their social media channels.


Campaign tagline: "Same policy. Same treatment. Same rebate." and Australian Dental Association logo
Annoyed mother and son
Mother complaining to local MP office
“The team at Lights Camera Business really came through on any production company’s nightmare scenario – tight timelines, a complex issue and a lean budget.

Reuben was fantastic in distilling information into clear and concise messaging and Sarah helped us get over the line with the brief and the budget. Would absolutely work with the LCB team again.”
— Matthew Connor, General Manager, Communications