Too many companies spend thousands of dollars on a video production, only to find that the end product isn't serving their needs effectively. Lights Camera Business helps you identify the core goals of your video, so that we can shape the final production to solve your problems and effectively speak to your audience – making every video worth more than your investment, every time.


Full service video production in Sydney

LCB works with you from concept to final video delivery. We can help with creative development, storyboarding, scripting, shoots, sound recording & design, music licensing, animation & motion graphics and editing services. Find out more below.


Hand drawing storyboard

Creative Development


What we do

We write the perfect script to convey your message on video, expertly mixing our knowledge of which things are best to say in words and which are best to show on screen.


How we do it

We work closely with you to find out everything we can about your message, audience, organisation and video aims. We then take a step back to de-jargon and boil down your message to its very essence. We find the drama or 'hook' in even the most mundane of subjects, then work closely in collaboration with you to create a video script that's on-point, engaging and authentic.

Video Shoots


what we do

We capture beautiful product imagery, we make your people look great, we reproduce epic landscapes, and we can make any available location appear well on video. We also record perfect sound (many a video's downfall).


how we do it

We use the most experienced cinematographers who know all of the best lighting tricks, we have access to the best equipment, and importantly, we know how to put people at ease in front of the camera. When a great location isn't available, we shoot green screen so we can put one in later.

Reuben on set with clients
Video editing on a computer

Editing and Post Production


What we do

We create perfectly punctuated edits that keep the viewer interested the whole way through the video, effectively conveying your message to its intended audience and making your video a joy to watch.


how we do it

A good script and awesome footage isn't enough – everything comes together in the edit. We know how to effectively use music, motion graphics, on-screen text, sound design and timing to bring all of the elements together and deliver you the video that will surpass your expectations.




We create charming, clear animated videos to explain processes and showcase businesses in a delightful way.



We work closely with you in creative development, then we create an animatic (animated storyboard) for you to sign off before we begin the time-consuming animation work. We animate to music and use sound effects to support the animation on a subconscious level, setting your video apart from the competition. Read more here.

Still from CSIRO animation


Do you have a potential video project for your business that you'd like to talk through, get some ideas, or perhaps get a quote? We'd love to hear from you.

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