Smaller animation / motion graphics projects

$5,000 - $10,000


Clever compromises can deliver great animation and motion graphics on a budget. For example, some of the projects below feature human characters – but none feature walking, talking characters (which are time-consuming to create). Others feature supplied materials such as product photos or web pages, saving time and money as LCB is not creating every element of the video from scratch.



Product photography and global TV commercials were re-purposed to create this motion graphics-driven video for Australian social media.


Despite a relatively long duration, this video’s budget was contained by avoiding character animation. When two characters appear around 0:15 they don’t actually move or speak. Only inorganic elements (icons, text etc) move, saving time and money.


A clear and simple animation explaining the Shingles virus as part of pharmaceutical PR campaign.


Bringing photographs of Woven Image’s wall furnishings to life with text and other graphic elements.