Is LCB is a good fit for your budget? The price guidance below should provide a rough idea. These are not rules, promises, or package deals – they are merely common features of certain budget ranges, which will help you understand how we calculate pricing. Every video is unique and there are many exceptions, so please don’t hesitate to request a quote or get in touch to discuss your project today.


Typical features of live action budgets


$5k - $10k

Straightforward goals / messages

Durations up to 2 minutes

Few people / locations

One or two deliverables
(e.g. long and short version)


$10k - $15k

Multiple / nuanced messages

Durations up to 5 minutes

Several people / locations

Extra deliverables
(e.g. 1:1 aspect ratio, captions)



Large / highly complex subjects

Durations exceeding 5 minutes

Many people / locations

Many deliverables
(e.g. a series of videos)

Typical features of animation / motion graphics


$5k - $10k

2D animation

Clean, simple styling

Limited character animation

Some artwork supplied


$10k +

2D or 3D animation

Rich, dynamic styling

Expressive, active characters

All artwork created from scratch