Video Production Company serving Melbourne


Lights Camera Business offers full video production services for businesses and organisations in Melbourne, Australia. Call (02) 9188-8804 today to discuss your ideas.


We believe in starting at the beginning, helping you choose the core goals for your video and develop a message that resonates with your target audience. We provide full services for every phase of your project from creative development through shooting, editing, post production, and animations.


Creative Development

We will sit down with you and get to know your organisation, your message, your target audience, and your goals. We will then step back to get rid of the jargon and boil down your message to its essence, and to find the hook to engage your audience. Then we will collaborate with you on a script that truly supports your chosen message.


Video Shoots

Our expert cinematographers are extremely talented at capturing the people, place, and imagery to enhance your message. We have the best equipment, and the best lighting and sound recording, and we know how to help people feel comfortable in front of the camera. With green screen technology, we can even insert footage of locations that are not practical to film in live.


Editing and Post Production

At Lights Camera Business, we know that even the most perfect script is only a start. We create tight, punctuated edits to keep your audience engaged. We also use post production to combine on-screen text, animations, music, and sound to support your message.



We can develop highly engaging animated videos that explain your processes and show off your business. We will create an animatic, or an animated storyboard, for you to sign off before we begin. Our animated videos feature music and sound, ensuring that their quality is just as high as live video.


Our Work in Melbourne

Although we are based in Sydney, we regularly fly to Melbourne for shoots. For this video our director and cinematographer actually travelled between Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The "Melbourne" footage was shot in Geelong, where we filmed a local company demolishing part of Simonds Stadium.


A second example of Melbourne shooting is our Advisian project. Most of the video was shot in Sydney, but the organisation’s headquarters is in Melbourne, so our director flew down to work with a local camera crew on filming the CEO.


If you have a business or organisation in Melbourne and are interested in creating a video, call (02) 9188-8804 to learn how we can help.