Video Production: Frequently Asked Questions


What does the video production process involve?

At LCB our process looks something like this:

  • Pre-production – scoping out and understanding the project and the business, creative consultations with the client, brainstorming the best approach, writing a script and drawing up storyboards if necessary, and scheduling the shoot date(s)
  • Production – setting up our equipment (usually: lights; cameras; autocue; microphones; green screens, less often: drones), interviewing subjects, getting various location shots
  • Post-production – extensive editing (choosing the best takes from the footage captured, putting together a rough cut, cleaning up to a fine cut), motion graphics work, title design, choosing and licensing music tracks, honing any scripts and booking voiceover actors, sound design and mixing, getting a round of feedback or two from the client, grading (that's making the picture look great by fiddling with things like colour, exposure and contrast, like you do with Instagram filters), then preparing and delivering the final video(s)


What kinds of things can businesses use video for?

Not just sales and marketing! Video can be hugely effective for a variety of business purposes, including staff inductions, explainers, business case studies, testimonials, presentations, promotions, to celebrate a company milestone, to introduce and humanise a business (for potential clients or perhaps even to recruit great staff), to support an important business application, and so much more.


what can i expect on the shoot day?

We like to provide our clients with an info sheet about how to prepare for the shoot day, but once we're there we take control and let you know exactly what's needed to make your video look great. There will be a bit of disruption with lots of equipment and sound/lighting considerations, but as long as everyone's been warned, things usually go off without a hitch. From LCB's perspective, we like to do a fair few takes to give us plenty of options in the edit suite later, so you'll get plenty of chances to get it right.

If you're worried about being in front of the camera, you're not alone! But a good filmmaker will know how to put you at ease – we recommend practising your script a few times in front of a mirror, and feel free to check out these 7 body language tips to help prepare you too.


What is a video going to cost me?

At LCB, it could be anything from $5K to $20K+. Our usual corporate video package sits at around the $10K mark, which includes all of this, but we're able to scale up or down depending on the project, so feel free to drop us a line to get a quote.


Does animation cost extra?

Animating is very time-intensive, so although we charge the same rate for editing as we do for animating here at LCB, it will usually take longer to make an animation work smoothly. That can often be balanced out by making an expensive shoot unnecessary, if the video is wholly animated.


Why is video so expensive?

Mainly due to the hours, the expensive equipment, and the expertise involved. As you can see above, there's a lot of work to getting a video right. At LCB we're absolute perfectionists, and we won't rest until our clients (and our director) are happy, which usually means many hours in the edit suite.

We have a fair few clients come to us because they booked a more low-budget option, but weren't happy with the results. We'd prefer to get it right first time and make you a great video that you can get lots of leverage from, rather than having to update it because it's not up to scratch.

If the budget's looking tight though, you can always use our tips and make your own business video on your smartphone!


How do I write a good video brief?

Glad you asked! We made a handy brief builder template to help you do just that. It'll get you thinking about all the things we need to know to make your video awesome – and if you're not quite ready to build your brief yet, you can also have a think about these 9 questions in the meantime.


What do I need to do and what does the production company take care of?

You need to give us a brief, a good idea of what you want the final video to be, and the elements to shoot it – such as talent (staff, experts, extras), locations and product / information access. We take care of the video production side of things. That said, we are able to source actors and hire studios for you if necessary.


I have an idea for a video. Will you use my idea or come up with your own?

We're absolutely happy to work with your idea! We reckon we're pretty good at helping you shape that idea into the best video possible by letting you know what does and doesn't work in the medium. If you're not feeling that inspired, we're also very happy to come up with a creative direction for you.


How do I get the final video?

We generally upload the final HD video onto a filesharing site, where you can download it at your end to use however you like. If you need any help though, we're happy to assist.


Something else?

If your question isn't in the FAQ above, drop us a line and we'll answer you as best we can (if it's a good one we'll maybe even add it to the FAQ too!): or simply fill out the form below.

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