We Know, Corporate Videos Have a Bad Name

Lights Camera Business got started because we saw a gap in the market for a production company that makes consistently excellent corporate videos. We believe that business videos should be reliably great; that quality should not depend on luck or which editor/director your project is assigned to.

There are a lot of variables and things that can go wrong with video, which is why the end product can be so hit-and-miss. And ultimately, videos are an expensive business – so if they're going to be worth the investment, you'll want to get yours right first time.


Why you can trust us with your video project

We could spend lots of time telling you about our combined years of experience, but we reckon evidence is always the best way to prove a point.

Firstly, as far as we're aware we haven't had an unhappy client yet. Check out our testimonials page – but you know and we know that's highly curated, so you can also check out the places where unhappy clients (often rightfully) like to make themselves known: Google+ and Facebook.

More of our 5-star Facebook reviews here.


Then take a moment to take a look at our past work. If you only have 1 minute 37 seconds to spare, just watch our showreel:

Convinced yet? Give us a bell on (02) 9188 8804 and let us know how we can help, or hit the button below to request a free quote. We hope to hear from you soon!