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Need to launch your conference with a bang? Attract and retain talent? Share good news? Lights Camera Business helps large organisations tailor their messaging to exploit the unique strengths of video, creating engaging hype reels, recruitment videos, public service announcements and more. 


A hype reel for the history books

This meticulously crafted journey through transport history reminds TfNSW staff that today’s disruption will ultimately lead to a better tomorrow.

Everyday heroes ask a favour

A charming behind-the-scenes look at charity donations that (gently) pushes an agenda for the Environmental Protection Authority.

I.T. makes the trains run on time

A fun video from Sydney Trains’ I.T. department designed to improve sentiment among thousands of frontline staff by explaining the causes and benefits of recent disruptions.

Recruiting for Pickles

One of two recruitment videos capturing the unique culture and career opportunities at auction giant Pickles.

Solar storage, explained

A series of four videos blending live-action footage with animated graphics to bust myths and educate viewers about the industrial solar energy market.

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