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We can help you create engaging, effective case study videos to showcase your businesses to prospective clients and investors.


PayPal and Incy

Quickbooks and JP Brickworks

Hilti and customers

How we do it


LCB works closely with you to make the production process easy and enjoyable, from scripting and creative development to final video delivery.

We do almost everything in-house, from shooting to animation to green-screen visual effects and more – and where we can't, we have a highly skilled network of freelancers to call on.

We’re Sydney-based, but very happy to travel to shoot.


1. Authenticity

We make people sound like people, not scripts. By simplifying language and helping non-professionals feel at ease on camera, we create relatable stories out of even the most complex concepts.


2. Clarity

Our videos are deceptively simple. Behind the scenes, we spend extraordinary effort making every word and every second count. No waffle. No ambiguity. Both the information and emotion in our stories are precisely crafted.


3. Rhythm

It's more than music. The timing of every word, every sound effect and every laugh in our videos is chosen for structural impact. The rhythm of all these elements working together is what makes LCB videos a joy to watch.



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