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Lights Camera Business offers full video production services for businesses and organisations in Canberra, Australia. Call (02) 9188-8804 today to discuss your ideas.


We believe in beginning at the beginning. Our first step is to help you decide on your video’s core goals and to create a message that connects with your identified audience. We can assist with every phase of your video from creative development through shooting, sound design, music licensing, editing, and animations.


Creative Development

We take the time to sit down and discuss your organisation, target audience, message, and goals. We then take a step back to remove the jargon and find the essence of your message, and to develop the hook that will resonate with your audience. Finally, we work hand in hand with you to create just the right script to convey your message.


Video Shoots

We have a team of expert cinematographers who are highly skilled at capturing people, places, and imagery. We use the best equipment and the best lighting and sound, and we know how to make people comfortable in front of the camera. Our green screen technology lets us use locations that are not practical for a live shoot.


Editing and Post Production

Even the best script is only the beginning of a successful video. At Lights Camera Business, we craft tightly punctuated edits to keep your audience’s attention. We also use the post production process to bring in sound, music, motion graphics, and on-screen text to enhance your message.



If desired, we can create engaging animated videos to highlight your business and explain your processes. We will have you sign off on an animatic (animated storyboard) before we begin. We use music and sound to ensure that your animated video is just as expertly produced as live video.


Our Work in Canberra

As Australia’s capital city, Canberra is filled with federal government agencies. Though we are based in Sydney, we worked remotely with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) on this video.


Our creative development process worked well remotely, as we collaborated by phone with the Canberra communications team to establish the goals, style, and tone of the video. We also spoke by phone to scientists in other offices around Australia to understand the subject matter. Our finished video, which we delivered to the Canberra team, was so well-liked that a follow up animation and other CSIRO projects have followed.


If you have a business or organisation in Canberra and are interested in creating a video, call (02) 9188-8804 to learn how we can help.