Givebot's a charity chatbot that will help you save the world

Our Motion Graphics Designer's Awesome Side Project

LCB's very own Rupert Parry is about to officially launch his chatbot app, Givebot, in Sydney this Saturday (which also happens to be his birthday!). Since making cool animations for the likes of the CSIRO and the Office of Environment & Heritage wasn't keeping him busy enough, Rupert's had this side project going for a while now and we're hugely impressed by what he's managed to put together in his spare time. So naturally, we just had to tell the world about it.

The Problem

The problem that Rupert saw was that a lot of people want to donate to charities, but are turned off by collection methods like "chuggers" (paid street fundraisers) and subscription models. Giving one-off donations only ever happens if a charity is in the right place at the right time, and seeking out your favourite charities for one-off donations is too time-consuming. Could there be an easier way to find charities you like and give them one-off donations?


The Solution

Rupert created Givebot, a messaging "bot" that facilitates easy donating to charities that suit your interests from right inside Facebook Messenger. You can jump on any time and swing some funds to your favourite charities – for specific appeals, or just because. Then the charities can let you know exactly what your donation helped them to do.




At the moment Givebot has three charities on board: Blanket Melbourne, who hand out free blankets and food to the homeless of Melbourne; The School Project, who donate backpacks full of school gear to disadvantaged kids; and Sydney Period Project, who give away free sanitary items to homeless women around Sydney. But the list of charities set to grow as the app officially launches to the public.


How It Works

Time to get donating!

A huge congratulations to Rupert and his Givebot partner Max for putting together such an awesome app – see you at the launch party.

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