How Well is This Video Working?

By the time you've gone through your briefing, scripting, shooting and review processes, it can be next-to-impossible to step back and judge whether your video is actually working. You've become too involved in the process, and you've lost all perspective.


There are a few measures we use at LCB to try to re-establish objectivity in the editing process, so we thought we'd share them in case they can help you too.


The LCB Video Review Watch-through Checklist

Somewhat objective measures of how well a video is working



If a video is engaging, you'll find you have some physical responses to it, which are a great way to tell what's right and what's wrong.

Ask yourself while watching, did you:

  • Smile?
  • Laugh?
  • Nod your head?
  • Sit on the edge of your seat?
  • Get goosebumps or feel the hairs on your neck stand up?
  • Tap to the beat?
  • Watch again immediately because you liked it so much?

If so, awesome.

But did you:

  • Fidget?
  • Yawn?
  • Shift in your seat?
  • Become distracted and look away?
  • Check how long was left to view?

If so, the video probably wasn't holding your attention and you should ask yourself why.



Try to notice what you feel as you watch the video though. One of the main things a video should do is stimulate the emotions, as that's a core strength of the audiovisual format.

Did you feel any of the following:

  • Awe?
  • Inspiration?
  • Compassion?
  • Relief?
  • Surprise?
  • Tension?
  • Anger?
  • Irritation?

If you didn't feel anything, there might be a problem.

A big part of emotional engagement is often related to people, so also ask yourself whether you liked the people in the video, and/or whether you could relate to them.


Memory and Impact

Most business videos have a clear purpose, often reflected in a Call To Action that can be easily measured (website traffic, shares, sales). In order to satisfy that purpose, the video needs to have some kind of impact post-viewing. You can get some idea of whether the purpose is likely to be met by asking yourself after you've finished viewing:

  • Could you repeat the main points that the video made?
  • Were you personally convinced by the video?
  • Would you share the video?
  • Does the video satisfy the original brief?
  • Did the video clearly establish
    • Characters?
    • Goals?
    • Obstacles to the goals?
    • Solutions?


That's it! Hopefully you've found your video is right on track, or if not you now know how you can feed back effectively to get it there.

Since you're here, feel free to check out some more of our blog posts and free resources to assist you in your video creation journey.