Body language tips for being in front of the camera

Isn't it strange how you can go from calm and comfortable to ‘deer in headlights’ when presenting on video? 

Looking confident on camera is a tricky one if you’re not feeling it. Especially when 55% of the story is told via your body language! We’ve put together a handy list of great tips to help you give the right impression on film.


1. Laugh > smile

Putting a smile on your face is the best way to begin your day, and your day of filming. To avoid those nervous and forced smiles, try saying “laugh” instead of “smile”. Saying “laugh” is generally more effective in getting you to smile and convey warmth and enthusiasm.


2. Speak louder

When the nerves come crashing down, the instinct is to mumble. Combat those butterflies by speaking louder. You’ll add energy and conviction to your words and an enthusiastic atmosphere to the room.


3. Stand up

Feeling a lack of energy in your videos? Try standing up. It’s beneficial for both heightening the energy of your video and invigorating your voice and breathing. If sitting is your only option for the video, then ensure your posture is straight and you're not leaning back – think power posing!


4. Use your hands for emphasis

To encourage the right energy and clarity in your video, use your hands for emphasising points. Keep in mind however, it’s a fine line for video presenters. Over-the-top gesturing can become a distraction for viewers, while hands-by-the-side the whole time can be a tad dull. Practising beforehand in the mirror will set you on the straight path to successful takes.


5. "Um"s and "ah"s actually help

Having a clear and concise script is a must for the wise video marketer. However, a “scripted” video is the last thing you want. If your words are scripted, simply pretend they’re not. Try adding fake “umms” and “ahhs” while looking around the room in contemplation, to achieve a casual feel. Try a spontaneous vibe for authenticity and to gain more of your viewers’ attention.


6. Mix up the speed and volume

Presenting on video is more than just reading out your lines. A monotone presenter will send viewers off to sleep. The simplest way to catch viewers’ attention (and keep it!) is to modulate your speed and volume. Slow down to emphasise your most important points, while speeding up to cover the less agreeable ones.


7. Lots of takes are great

Everyone loves the rush of nailing a scene first go. However, it will require a number of takes to perfect your overall presentation. Give yourself the time and freedom to film several takes. You’ll become more familiar with the material, appear more relaxed, and begin adding your own personal touches to the video.


That’s a wrap! These are just 7 body language tips for video interviews — there are countless more. It can be a challenge to convey the right balance of enthusiastic, friendly and authoritative. However, businesses that excel at this are equipped to craft more effective (and more fun) videos.

So if a business video is on the agenda, it’s time to get started. Perhaps you’re wondering how to stay brand aligned and on budget for this big project. You might’ve already brainstormed your video idea, but need help planning the next steps. Maybe check out our Resources page to see if we can help you get any further along the path?