Best of 2015

Watch some of the highlights from LCB's first full year in business (2015). There's something for everyone: foodies, bikers, finance nerds, nerd nerds, NFPs, you name it. Thanks to all our clients and crew for making it possible!

Josh Evans, or My Motorcycle Education

I had fun the one time I rode a scooter in Thailand, but frankly I never saw myself as a "two wheels" kind of guy. Until Josh called. If you don't already know him Josh is a great stills photographer who's recently moved into video, bringing me along for the ride (literally). Through Josh and his friend Sean "Geeza" Goldhawk at Yamaha, we produced a string of pretty awesome motorcycle content in 2015.

The Accidental Adoption Story

While shooting a farewell video full of politicians and CEO types for the farewell of Barnardos CEO Louise Voigt, we also filmed a little interview with Irina Harris and her adopted daughter Charlotte (who found each other with Barnardos' help). Charlotte and Irina's story was so moving that Barnardos asked us to create this sweet standalone video for social media: 

Food & Finance

These might look like they have nothing in common but in fact both jobs arrived via in-person networking, something that I was pretty scared and skeptical about at first but eventually came to love (thanks, networking friends). If you want to be healthier and/or richer, talk to these guys: 

So Many Green Screens

Arxxus Technology Partners were fond of prior work in which we'd used green screen, not for fancy visual effects, but just to make interviews really efficient. By shooting green screen we can sit in one place for one long day, shooting a LOT of content – and then use fake backgrounds to make the interviews more interesting. Can you pick the real versus the fake backgrounds here?

Big Boys' (and Girls') Toys

Starting in a gold refinery and finishing in a mine, 2015 was a year of heavy machinery, dangerous chemicals and noisy tools (and trying to tell emotional stories about them). We loved them all, but probably our favourite is our soon-to-be-released video about making the Melbourne Cup trophy. Keep an eye out for that one, or catch a sneak peak at the end of Evolution mining's (related) video. 

Festive Season

And finally, every summer a couple of our clients emerge from hibernation needing fresh content. Like clockwork, Ben & Jerry's Openair Cinemas and (our first ever client!) The Christmas Cart both needed new commercials for the silly season, and we were happy to oblige.

Thanks a million for reading! Now I'm sorry but you will have to go back to doing work. 

See you in 2016!