Complex concepts, elegantly explained.

Limited only by the imagination, explainer animations can express ideas that no camera (let alone mere words) can. With the potential to combine language, sound, footage and motion graphics, a good explainer simplifies the world to help your audience understand tricky subjects while putting a smile on their face.


Imagining the future with CSIRO

LCB consulted with top CSIRO scientists to develop this script, translating complex research programs into a fun, friendly and deceptively simple explainer animation.

Fighting waste with NABERS

A charming animation designed to drive adoption of NABERS Waste Ratings (and ultimately increase recycling) in the commercial property market.

Understanding solar storage with NSW OEH

Four videos blending live-action footage with animated graphics to explain solar battery storage technology.

Learning from the Australian Dental Association

This content marketing series mixes 2D and 3D animation to bust some brushing myths and drive more visits to the dentist.

Easy as one, two, three.

See the evolution of a real animated explainer in three key stages below.

First a script is developed in collaboration with our client. Next we create an animated storyboard (“animatic”) to help stakeholders visualise the script and make changes if needed. Once the animatic is approved we commence final animation.

Who is LCB?

Lights Camera Business is an award-winning team of Sydney filmmakers led by director Reuben Field. We specialise in corporate video production for government and enterprise, with a particular interest in complex and technical subject matter.

Let’s talk animation…

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