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What we do


We create charming, clear animated videos to explain processes and showcase businesses in a delightful way.



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How we do it


1. Creative Development

We work closely with you to understand your message, business, audience and video purposes in order to write the perfect script to accompany your animation. After script sign-off by you and all your stakeholders, we create an animatic (animated storyboard, hand-drawn with temporary voiceover), which looks something like this:


2. Animation

Once the animatic is signed off, we get to work on the time-consuming process of animation, working with After Effects and Illustrator to create elegant graphics that convey your message in the most effective and attractive way for your audience.

We animate closely to music, which punctuates each video to keep the viewer engaged throughout, using tone shifts to launch into different segments and to complement what's going on visually with audio. We also use sound design and sound effects on an almost subconscious level, to set your animated videos apart from the competition.




3. Edit Changes

Every animation quote comes with 2 rounds of changes, and we deliver your video via an online platform you can easily share with your colleagues and stakeholders so that everyone can feed back their thoughts.




4. Video delivery

We send your final video online so that you can download it easily in both HD and smaller file formats, adaptable to a variety of platforms and usages.

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