Meet Sydney's award-winning video production team

LCB produces engaging videos for local Sydney, Australia-wide and international businesses and government clients – for internal and external communications, marketing, training, human resources and more


Started in 2014 by Reuben Field, a Grammy-nominated filmmaker with an advertising background, LCB has a deep understanding of all aspects of video production. We advise each client carefully, contributing our expertise to every brief so that we can deliver the best video for your needs and give you an excellent return on investment.

We are innovative, professional and friendly, working closely with you to make the entire production process easy and enjoyable. In pre-production, we'll work hard to understand exactly what you need to achieve with your video project, and give you our specialist advice on how to do it. And in terms of the production work itself, we do everything in-house: shooting, editing, animation and motion graphics, sound design, and more.

What you'll notice when watching our work is that you feel engaged all the way through, and that it plays with your emotions, creating tension and intrigue or bringing a smile to your face. We achieve this through techniques built up over our combined decades of experience in the film industry, bringing Hollywood tricks to even the most dry business topic. Working together with you, we can redeem the bad reputation of corporate videos.


Reuben Field Headshot



Reuben began his career directing music videos including the Grammy-nominated DVD Liberacion. In 2005 he co-founded Starchild Media, which produced television including ABC’s Review with Myles Barlow, and he directed TV commercials for Woolworths and Pepsi. His 2009 short Wauchope won MTV’s ONE80PROJECT and was subsequently produced as the one-hour pilot Dungoona, while his short film Gecko was selected for Flickerfest. He started LCB in 2014 with a focus on bringing his visual storytelling skills to the world of business, to save the world from bad corporate videos.

Sarah Steel headshot

Sarah Steel

ProducER / Marketing

Sarah is a producer at LCB and also works across the marketing. On top of corporate video production, she has three short drama films to her name as well as a decade's marketing and copywriting experience for the likes of Fairfax Media, Sydney and London Film Festivals, Dendy Films, and Openair Cinemas, so she's able to look at corporate videos with a keen marketing eye. Sarah co-produced Reuben's Flickerfest-selected film Gecko starring Tiriel Mora (The Castle), and was the proud ukulele-wielding winner of the Audience Award at Sydneyvision Song Contest for her music video My Brother Grew Up Feminist and I'm So Proud.


Francisca Gan headshot

Francisca Gan


Fran does the numbers, HR, and other vital tasks that keep LCB running so that the production team can focus on making videos. She's ridiculously fast at word and number puzzles, and a massive movie buff who can six degrees of separation any actor from Kevin Bacon (try her!).

Rupert Parry headshot

Rupert Parry

EditoR / Motion GRAPHICS

Rupert does editing and post-production for LCB, including motion graphics work. With parents that ran a video production house, Rupert grew up around cameras and Final Cut Pro, which allowed him to film hundreds of hours of stupid videos with friends as a kid. As the years went on, the videos got less stupid and people started giving him money for them. Rupert says, "The work I do is, for me, the perfect mix of technicality and creativity. Editing a video is like solving a massive jigsaw puzzle. Except there's no one finished picture you're aiming for – you have to make up the picture as you go along."

Josh Evans headshot

Josh Evans

Director of Photography

Josh is LCB's most trusted cinematographer, mixing a great eye with pragmatism and speed. He first met Reuben in 2014 when he was approached to film for a big client, felt way out of his depth and googled "director". This was the start of a beautiful collaboration, and the team has worked together constantly ever since. Josh was a surf bum until his mid-twenties when he discovered his passion for images and started his own photo studio Studio Go, which saw his work on huge billboards across the country. When he had a serious motorbike accident, Josh shut up shop and made a documentary about it (Arrows of Fire), which inspired him to bring his compositional talents over to videography in a serious way.

Dominica Roebuck headshot

Dominica Roebuck

Production / Editing

Dominica’s love of filmmaking begun with her immersion in acting from a young age, and she originally met Reuben when she featured in his one-hour pilot Dungoona. Studying Media Arts Production & Creative Intelligence at UTS, she currently balances uni with editing for the LCB team and her own experimental projects that she describes as "half-documentary / half- fiction, intimate experiments that juxtapose sound and image to get under our collective unconscious." In any other spare time, you'll find Dominica hanging out with her three chickens (Luna, Jelly and Charlotte), listening to podcasts or walking by the sea.



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